Welcome to Munja Bake House

Munja Bakehouse is an artisan wholesale bakery that specialises in gluten free sweet and slices.

Munja Muffins started in 1996. In 2014 we combined with Alexander’s Plate to create Munja Bakehouse. The two businesses joined forces to market a unique range of gluten free slices and bars to compliment the muffin products.

Our signature product, FNG Bar, is so delicious that it has taken the market by storm. The combination of Figs, Nuts and Grains that make up the key ingredients of the bar draw their inspiration from the Greek Islands. Around the home there would be a fig  and an almond tree. By blending together the flavours of the fruit and the nut with the subtlety of Mediterranean grains, we  produced a unique delicacy.

We supply cafes in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong & Brisbane.

We have 14 products that excite the taste buds and increase a café’s sales.